This software has been developed specifically for engineers dealing with the analysis of satellite networks located on the geostationary orbit. Upon data from the latest SRS databases the software is capable of assessing the risks of interference between selected satellites within a few seconds and, thus, of significantly speeding up analyses and coordination. If harmful interference occurs, it helps to find its cause. Since its parameters may be adjusted and its performance limits set, the software helps to find a solution to such a problem, thus making it easier for administrations to reach the required agreement.

Skycoor program is provided for at least one year with the option to extend usage to a minimum of one or more years. Extend or buy other version of Skycoor, you can use the renewal form - RENEWAL.


  • Calculations performed according to Appendixes 7/8 and ITU recommendations
  • dT/T calculation and reports for analysing and elaborating IFIC
  • Calculation of the worst case C/I and margins determining the interference level


  • All IFIC package functions
  • Calculation of worst case C/I and margins determining the interference level
  • Adjusting parameters and setting performance limits for easy finding of solutions in case of unacceptable interferences
  • Graphical representation of spectrum utilization for multiple networks at once, making it possible to focus on problematic sections
  • Reports recording the results of individual calculations
  • Possibility of defining custom radiation pattern

Professional (Coming soon) :

  • All IFIC and Advanced packages functions
  • Cooperation with GIMS for calculating particular situations
  • Possibility of modifying and saving the service areas in GXT format


Function Description DEMO IFIC Advanced
Calculation and report of the ΔT/T
Calculation of the C/I
Simultaneous use of two databases
Calculation for multiple networks
Favourite networks
Input parameters adjustment
Report of the C/I calculations
Frequency overlapping
Global view
Favourable findings
Preparing for Professional:      
Interconnection with GIMS
Service area modification
Export of the service area into GXT format


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