Wrote about Skycoor

Wrote: Ondřej Sládek, Frequency Coordination Engineer

One of my duties in our company is management of IFIC – biweekly published ITU Circular on space matters, which contains new coordination requests. The IFIC package of Skycoor software has proved itself to be of great help with IFIC management so far. I gladly take advantage of using this program for calculation of interference caused by newly published satellite networks to our networks. Calculations and demonstration of results takes few seconds with Skycoor. Additionally, the program is capable of identifying the most severe interference cases, which is an important information when creating comments to coordination requests. In case of an unacceptable interference, the Report function is available. This function creates report of interference between networks, including sample ΔT/T calculation of selected frequency groups, so that ITU demands for acceptance of such a comment are satisfied. 


Wrote: Ján Segiňák, Senior Spectrum Manager

As the Senior Spectrum Manager I utilize the Skycoor software for designing the power values, parameters and conditions as well as for determination of the unacceptable interference in the course of coordination meetings and preparing the Frequency Coordination Agreements.

Frequency Overlapping with its visualization of frequency bands and the possibility of calculating the C/I in overlapping zones matches perfectly for the preparation of frequency plans, respectively the frequency distribution of the emissions in the spectrum. Unfavourable Findings help me with automatic searching for groups that are not in compliance with the Radio Regulations and help me as well with a transparent display of basic parameters of the groups and emissions with the possibility of report in different formats.


Wrote: Jan Trubák, Frequency Coordination Engineer

As an analyst, I particularly appreciate easy access to the parameters of the satellite in function Favourable Findings, which contains most of the necessary data from the SRS database. Thanks to the filters I can quickly get to desired information and save time that I spent searching in the large publications. Thanks to the function Frequency overlapping I can focus only on a problem area. The calculation of the C/I determines the severity of interference and by adjusting the input parameters and limitations suggest a solution acceptable for both parties, which will be evidenced by reports in different formats. Combining all the functions so I can go through the whole coordination process from processing IFIC, through analysis of the networks in the area to a draft of the coordination agreement.