The IFIC package of Skycoor software has been developed to help administrations and operators all over the world with the analysis and elaboration of the BR IFIC (BR International Frequency Information Circular - Space Service). This software aims to ease management of the BR IFIC by reducing the amount of time needed for its elaboration. The most time-consuming operation when analyzing the BR IFIC is calculation of interference from currently published networks. The heart of the IFIC package are functions for quick calculation of interference between selected networks.

In order to estimate the interference risks, the software calculates the apparent increase in equivalent noise temperature (ΔT/T) for all frequency groups. Furthermore, Margins and C/I results are calculated to reveal real interference risks. Input data for calculations are obtained from SRS or IFIC database files. When the decision to comment a network is made the software offers the possibility to export the results of ΔT/T calculation into separate file for further exhibition and processing.

  • ΔT/T calculations based on Appendixes 7 and 8
  • ΔT/T reports in variety of file formats, namely PDF, XLS, XLSX, HTML, RTF, CSV etc.
  • C/I and Margin calculation based on ITU Recommendations
  • Vast database of antenna radiation patterns based on ITU Recommendations
  • Multiple networks selection
  • Earth station location and its visibility tool
  • Possibility of different database files for interfering and wanted network
  • Favorite networks tool
  • Possibility to distinguish among communication, mixed and space operation groups
  • Worst case ΔT/T identification
  • Frequency band filter
  • Interference severity filter
  • List of networks parameters for selected pair of emissions for detailed examination


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