Skycoor Demo package is offered as a free testing program, which is used to examine and evaluate the features of packages IFIC and Advanced. Demo includes functions of both the packages in its entirety to the following limitations:

  • The validity of the license key for Demo package is 30 days in Advanced versin.

What you can try:

  • ΔT/T calculations based on Appendixes 7 and 8
  • ΔT/T reports in variety of file formats, namely PDF, XLS, XLSX, HTML, RTF, CSV etc.
  • C/I and Margin calculation based on ITU Recommendations
  • Vast database of antenna radiation patterns based on ITU Recommendations
  • Multiple networks selection
  • Earth station location and its visibility tool
  • Possibility of different database files for interfering and wanted network
  • Favorite networks tool
  • Possibility to distinguish among communication, mixed and space operation groups
  • Worst case ΔT/T identification
  • Frequency band filter
  • Interference severity filter
  • List of networks parameters for selected pair of emissions for detailed examination
  • Calculation of worst case C/I and margins determining the interference level Adjusting parameters and setting performance limits for easy finding of solutions in case of unacceptable interferences
  • Graphical representation of spectrum utilization for multiple networks at once, making it possible to focus on problematic sections
  • Reports recording the results of individual calculations
  • Possibility of defining custom radiation pattern

Please, contact us here:   After that, the license key will be sent to your e-mail.