Challenges associated with the coordination of satellite networks has been the key incentive for the development of the Advanced package of Skycoor. Therefore, this software package is mainly intended for engineers dealing with the issues of the coordination of satellite networks. The growing demand for satellite communication services results in the abundance of new coordination requests. The purpose of the Advanced package of Skycoor is to ease engineers of the burden arising from such situation. Not only the interference risks are revealed but also an overview of the network parameters is provided for selected network. This makes the Advanced package useful during the coordination stage and for the preparation of frequency plans.

Regarding the evaluation of interference, the Advanced package offers ΔT/T, C/I and Margin calculations. Although the calculations are performed for all possible combinations it is very simple to find the cause of interference thanks to the filtering tool. The result of each calculation can be exported individually into PDF, XLS, HTML and other formats. Another feature which makes this software special is the possibility to adjust the input parameters of a network. Therefore, power can be reduced, antenna radiation pattern modified, protection ratio customized and all calculations can be carried out with respect to the altered network parameters.

Apart from calculations, the Advanced package of Skycoor is capable of browsing the SRS database data. It significantly helps to find detailed information of a network such as its power values, assignments which received unfavourable findings, frequency groups and their corresponding class of stations etc. Since some information is more comprehensible visually, graphical view of frequencies occupied by a given network is available. Naturally, this tool also enables the user to compare several networks simultaneously and thus to gain a quick overview.

  • ΔT/T calculations based on Appendixes 7 and 8
  • ΔT/T reports in variety of file formats, namely PDF, XLS, XLSX, HTML, RTF, CSV etc.
  • C/I and Margin calculation based on ITU Recommendations
  • Vast database of antenna radiation patterns based on ITU Recommendations
  • Multiple networks selection
  • Earth station location and its visibility tool
  • Possibility of different database files for interfering and wanted network
  • Favorite networks tool
  • Possibility to distinguish among communication, mixed and space operation groups
  • Worst case ΔT/T identification
  • Frequency band filter
  • Interference severity filter
  • List of networks parameters for selected pair of emissions for detailed examination
  • Calculation of worst case C/I and margins determining the interference level Adjusting parameters and setting performance limits for easy finding of solutions in case of unacceptable interferences
  • Graphical representation of spectrum utilization for multiple networks at once, making it possible to focus on problematic sections
  • Reports recording the results of individual calculations
  • Possibility of defining custom radiation pattern